What Is CCR?

CCR (Caribbean Celebrities Radio) is a  unique radio station with a diverse global community, encompassing a wide array of listeners from different communities and backgrounds. Our listeners share a common appreciation for premium content: great music, excellent family vibes and a community they can call their own.

I want us to connect people on a global level, through music. I think we have something the world wants… something the world needs!

CCR came into existence in 2005 and was the brainchild of Terry Paul. Terry initially wanted a way to connect with his school friends across the world, who shared similar interests and experiences. In its embryonic stages, the station was predominantly streaming music, with very few listeners.

Terry realised that in order to have the reach he needed, a more capable delivery platform would be essential. Ustream would prove the ideal rostrum from which to propel CCR on to the next level. To kick off, Terry called on his long-time brother and friend, Simon Latham aka The Roaring Lion: “I want us to connect people on a global level, through music. I think we have something the world wants… something the world needs!” Simon shared in Terry’s vision and was immediately on board. 

Putting On The Hits became the first show to be launched on CCR initially fronted by the Vibesmaster and the Lion. Individual shows were then developed, including Reggae Night and the Spotlight, both fronted by Lion, as well as the Quiet Storm with the Vibesmaster as the presenter. The Sunday Gospel show, presented by Lovena Brown, was also added to the line-up to bring some much-needed balance to the music programming.

Terry realised CCR was rapidly outgrowing Ustream as a platform and lined up its successor, Mixlr. With over 800 shows, over 240,000 listens and a growing fan base of over 600 followers, CCR continues to deliver entertainment of the highest value and is currently expanding. We are extremely proud to be the station that is making a huge difference in the lives of our listeners when it’s most needed. We intend to keep on playing great music, spreading the message of peace, unity, love, strength, and harmony.


1 To be at the centre of radio excellence by creating a community hub to promote a sense of togetherness and belonging.

2 To focus on the sharing music, culture and local/national/international news.

3 To serve as an outlet for emerging talent through promotion and opportunities.

4 To support and promote ventures geared towards upliftment and tangible changes for the better.

5 To entertain, inspire and enrich our listeners through positive radio programming and scheduling.

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